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Moriel Finance

Over the past 21 years, we have developed an important network of contacts throughout the world financial and real estate community.

Moriel Finance provides bespoke funding situations to companies, business and entrepreneurs worldwide. Our facilities are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual project, therefore the solution or structure may be different on every occasion. The expertise behind Moriel Finance has been gained across the entire spectrum of International Finance.


"IF THERE'S A WAY TO DO IT BETTER........FIND IT!"- Thomas Edison


  • REAL ESTATE: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Land Marine, Development, Agricultural Land, Relocation, Leasing, Financing.
  • TRANSPORT: Highways, Railways, Airlines, Shipping, Bridges, Waterways, Ports and Wharf.
  • ENERGY: Oil and natural gas, refining, pipelines, electric power generation projects, including hydro, thermal, geothermal, and new technologies, as well as transmission and distribution projects. 
  • TELECOM: Modernization and expansion of basic telephone networks. Cellular and satellite communication equipment and Information Technology. 
  • WATER: Water supply, Waste Water Management, Sanitation
  • MINING: Metals, Ore, Fuel and Minerals (such as coal)
  • MANUFACTURE: Automotive Industries, Industrial equipment, construction materials, (such as cement plant), Fertilizer, Pulp and Paper, Textile, Timber (wood products), Chemical, Petro-Chemical.
  • AGRI BUSINESS: Sugar Mills, Banana plantation, Fish Farming, Mixed livestock farming, Dairy farming, Livestock farming.
  • FOOD PROCESS: Frozen Food, Canned Food (such as tuna, sardine, shrimp, mushroom, baby corn, etc).
  • TOURISM: Hotel (catered to promote tourism), Eco-Tourism.
  • MEDICAL: Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Clinics.
  • OTHER: Any sound and viable transaction will be fairly reviewed and considered.

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