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The LCG Group & LCG International AG



The LCG Group was founded as an economic consultancy by a team of bankers, lawyers and tax consultants in Luxembourg in 1989.


The group has grown steadily and now has offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and the British Virgin Islands.


The LCG International AG management company, specializing in company law & management and trust services, was founded in 1996. LCG International AG stands for a team of highly qualified professionals, with lawyers, tax consultants and auditors on hand to advise you on all legal and tax matters.


We work for you - quickly and discreetly, strategically and creatively. A team of reputable lawyers, subject to legal and professional rules of confidentiality, is available to you as trustees.


We pledge to look after your interests. Our intention and our efforts are focused on your specific needs

Cross-Border VAT Consulting and Customs Planning


The complex area of VAT law is a matter for the experts.


National laws on turnover tax are not uniform and, in practice, are handled differently by the various fiscal administrations.


As a result, cross-border tax planning is crucial to the success of your international business transactions.


We have the competence and the know-how to advise you on issues arising from deliveries of goods and/or services in EU Member States and third countries.


Whether you are importing into the EU or exporting to other countries, we can provide you with valuable advice on customs law.


We show you how to import/export - in some cases entirely tax and duty free - by exploiting national and international investment conditions and tax strategies.


On this basis you can optimize your cross-border transactions.

Audit, Tax and Legal Services


LCG International guarantees top-quality counseling in the areas of international commercial law, tax law, corporation law and contract law.


Drawing on many years of experience, our team is specialized, well-informed and innovative.


LCG International's certified lawyers, auditors and tax consultants work independently and accountably.


Our lawyers are admitted to all courts of the European Union member states. Our auditors and tax consultants operate according to European and American standards.


Our back office is equipped to provide services in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, foreclosure management and auxiliary administrative tasks.


LCG International aims to give you the best possible advice for your business.


Our Exclusive agent for Russia JSC “Congress Prominvest” & experienced back office does all the work necessary to put your decisions into effect.

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