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Rambler's Top100


  • February 2005 - Congress Prominvest and World leading Ten3 Business e-coach became a Partners.
  • February 2005 - Congress Prominvest alies with Joint Capital Assistance V.O.F. - Holland
  • April 2005      - Congress Prominvest start developing investments insurance aliance with Insurance Companies
  • June 2005      - Congress Prominvest presented an innovative business technology Ten3 Business e-coach on Conference organized by UNIDO and ICIE in frames of IX St.Petersburg International      Economic Forum to Russian and international entrepreneours
  • September 2005 - Participation in International conference conference “From vision to solutions” in Estonian city Pyarnu. This year’s conference day on solutions also focuses on innovation – Russian top-ranking coach Mr. Vadim Kotelnikov will give an overview of the role of IT for the business leaders and entrepreneurs of the new era, explaining how to think and act in accordance with the era – creatively, systemically and fast. The network created by Mr. Kotelnikov is based on interpersonal communication and co-operation. Co-operation networks and their business applications will be described by Mr. Ross Mayfield – CEO of Socialtext.com, regarded as one of the most promising companies of the future. The most successful bloger i.e. a web-diarist in Estonia, Mr. Siim Teller, will give his views on how the youth influences the communication network. In order to participate in the future, we must learn now how the new generation communicates with each other. In many presentations we will overcome geographical limits – how to start business in Saudi Arabia, India, Northern Africa, China and Russia where markets are thousands of times wider and more profitable than our own market. Finally, you will be advised on how to finance your innovative business ideas with risk capital and – just as importantly – how to benefit from the competition law and avoid losing your excellent ideas to your competitors. More details on: From vision to solutions

  • November 2005 - Training in Singapore - "NOTHING VENTURE NOTHING WIN!" - Singapore 2005

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