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Brief description of the project. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a composite wood-based material. OSB finds is major application in wood house building: for roofs and walls construction, floors and floor coverings.  

Production volume. The production volume will constitute 70,4 thousand m3 per year, from which 14 thousand m3 of finished products will fall to the product with higher added value – laminated OSB. The designed capacity is defined on the basis of existing demand and potential of its satisfaction, as well as the optimal volume from the point of view of payback security and economic efficiency of the project.  

Place for project implementation. The project is going to be performed at the industrial area of Syktyvkar city, Komi Republic, North-West Federal District of Russia.  

Legal organizational form of the project implementation. The project is planned for execution in the framework of a new independent legal entity specially established for the project purposes – "Politop" Ltd. – which bears full and independent responsibility for the results of the project implementation.  

Terms of project performance. The project works are planned to start in the 4th quarter of 2007. The time period for design and construction works will constitute about 15 months. The design capacity is supposed to be reached by the 2nd quarter 2009.

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